A successful rebrand in three big words

Do you like our brand re-fresh and website? Shall I let you into a little secret?

We followed three little words: Unique. Aspirational. Futureproof.

Where did those words come from?

From the competitor analysis and qualitative customer feedback we undertook at the start of the project – yes we do follow our own processes!

I could go into much more detail here about the background and research. It was such an integral part of the process and ensured that not only did we set the right course, but everyone was on-board with the direction. The key outcomes for the direction, were 3 criteria against which every decision had to be measured; is it unique? is it aspirational? is it futureproof?

Why Unique?

It’s easy to follow the crowd. But in our industry it pays to stand out. Not to follow trends, but to set your own. We had a head start, our name, Proteus. It’s memorable. It’s unique. And more importantly it actually reflects why customers buy from us – our ability to flex to suit customer needs. So when we were creating the brand re-fresh, we looked at routes which would uniquely reflect our name.

Why Aspirational?

This came about from understanding how and why clients buy integrated marketing services. Clients want to feel like they are making a great choice. They have internal influencers to convince. They need to present the ‘wow’ factor. Even if in reality the projects they are seeking deliver are more straight forward. It doesn’t mean they want a straight forward agency. Creating aspiration also involved understanding the competitive landscape. How are competitors presenting themselves? Who is top of the game? How does our new brand position itself amongst our closest competitors?

Why Futureproof?

Of course trends change and part of being unique involves creating something which sits outside of a fickle design trend. It’s important to understand what’s going to work past an initial two year period. Is there scope to evolve the brand? Will the brand work, without standing still.

Every decision we have made about our new brand and website has been rationalised against these three criteria. We hope you like it and always welcome feedback. Of course, everyone’s criteria is going to be different. It depends on your industry, market and objectives.

If you’d like to know more about the process of re-branding or developing a new website, then please get in touch, we are always happy to talk to find out what your three big words are.




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