Get moving or miss out!

Video is firmly in the marketing mix, testiment to the fact that by 2017, video will account for 70% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco Visual Networking Index . Whilst we are embracing the trend and our hunger for the moving message grows, we can’t lose sight of the purpose and quality of the video content we deliver.

Make it count

Videos and animations should be a feast for the eyes and mind. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. Would you want to sit through watching someone talk to camera, explaining how wonderful they are, or how brilliant their product or service is? Then don’t expect your time poor, attention weakened audience to do it!

Short and sweet

If you can’t get your message across quickly, then get the hatchet out. Keep it brief, simple and to the point. Use punchy scripting, imagery, illustration and film to create the overall message.

Inject personality

Your video should represent the character of the company, brand, product or service that you are representing. What are the character attributes and are these well represented in your video? Humour always works well in video, to varying degrees – from raising a smile to a full on chortle – but it’s not always appropriate.

Sound it out

Music and sound add depth to your video but remember, not everyone will be able to hear it, through disability, choice or hardware limitations. Consider the primary devices your audience will be listening on and whether you need to cater for sound.

DDA compliance

If you are using voice, then it’s best practice to include the option to switch on subtitles/closed captions either for those hard of hearing or those watching without access to audio options.


Video content doesn’t need to take centre stage, it can be used as a background with content overlaid to help create an overall impression or visual depth.

If you’d like to talk about integrating video into your mix, then get in touch.

We can talk you through the film and animation options to create something that really creates punch through in your digital landscape.




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