Pokémon Go – Supply and demand

If you’re a parent or just of a certain age, you’ve probably not escaped hearing the name, Pokémon. Whether you have heard of Pokémon or not, you soon will hear it mentioned a lot as children and adults scramble to be amongst the first to download the latest version – Pokémon Go.

Created by Nintendo in the late 90’s, the franchise is currently taking the US, Australia, New Zealand and now Germany by storm. Set to arrive in the UK on both iOS and Android ‘soon’ Pokémon Go is changing the way people interact with their phones and devices using Augmented Reality (AR).

It’s a sad fact that we live in an age where a lot of us especially our children, spend far too much time indoors staring at a screen and using technology to fill our spare time. Pokémon Go seems set to challenge that by getting people off their seats and out into the real world searching for Pokémon using AR.

According to the Guardian, Pokémon Go has already exceeded Twitter’s 65 million user base and the Nintendo’s servers are struggling to keep up with demand. A video released by Google as an April Fool’s joke back in 2014 strangely predicted the rise of this game even though it didn’t even exist. That prediction appears to be coming true as gamers all over the world scramble to be amongst the first users of the most hotly anticipated game of 2016. Pokémon Go achieves what other games designers have struggled with and that is to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.

As a parent, I certainly welcome anything that helps get my kids out into the fresh air and prevents them from becoming a slave to their tech, hidden away in a bedroom, but this new game might actually help both their social and physical health.

For the first time, it appears as if an app is actually getting people up out of their seats and interacting with each other in towns and cities all over the world.

Nintendo have demonstrated an age old marketing technique by denying the public a product due to apparent ‘supply and demand’ issues which only makes us want something more. In a few days I would anticipate you should be able to experience Pokémon Go for yourself. So be patient and soon even you will be able to “catch ‘em all”.




Proteus Bristol