Proteus Christmas Sandwich Review 2017

Years ago, most of us would associate a Christmas sandwich with what you have on Christmas day eve, using all the leftover food from lunch! There were no rules, anything could go in there if it was festive!

These days, it’s all about who makes the best Christmas sandwiches. Whether it’s a supermarket or small independents and chains, they’re all at it! But the big question is how do you know which one to choose?

We have put a lot of effort (and calories) to find out what the best Christmas sandwich is (from our very limited testing). We sourced 5 festive bites from 5 different venues and ranked them from worst to best, based on taste, value, look and how Christmassy they tasted.

We don’t have sophisticated pallets over here at the Proteus headquarters but we hope this helps you when you are on the lookout for a great Christmas sandwich!

Check out our worst to best below…

No. 5 (aka last) Greggs

Christmas Lunch Toastie – Sliced turkey with pork, stuffing, bacon, cranberry & port sauce topped with béchamel sauce, and cheese – Price £3.00

We have to say, this was the most disappointing (hence the result). The appearance as well as taste just didn’t live up to the competition, but they didn’t let us down as it was definitely a ‘dirty Greggs!’. The introduction of a cheese topping was unusual, but sadly didn’t help.

Greggs 1

The verdict:

Taste – 5

Value – 5

Look – 5

How Christmassy? – 4

Total 19


No. 4 (not much better than coming last) Starbucks

Turkey Feast Panini with smoked bacon, cranberry gravy and stuffing bread sauce in a cranberry studded panini – Price £4.25

When a friend suggested there is a great Christmas panini at Starbucks we all debated it, as we assumed it would be over priced and small. It certainly wasn’t small, but it was dry and for the price we would suggest it wasn’t good value!

The verdict:

Taste – 6

Value – 6

Look – 7

How Christmassy? – 5

Total 24


No. 3 (the middle road) M&S

Turkey Feast on soft malted brown bread – Price £3.50

All we can say is this was your typical supermarket sandwich, a little dry in places but very filling, good quality and generous portions. We were all still very full from our real lunch, so maybe the verdict could have been better, but it did the job if you are on the go. It would never wow you, but it was OK value for what you get! So, take M&S’s advice and ‘spend it well’ this year… elsewhere!

M&S Sandwich

The verdict:

Taste – 6.5

Value – 7

Look – 6

How Christmassy? – 7.5

Total 27


No. 2 (so close) Café Revival

Turkey, Cranberry and stuffing panini – Price £4.25

This panini from Café revival was one of our top rated for ‘how christmassy’ it is, but it just lost out due to there not being enough turkey in comparison to the amount of cranberry and stuffing that was in it! The overall taste was good, getting 7’s all round.

The verdict:

Taste – 7

Value – 7

Look – 7

How Christmassy? – 7

Total 28


No. 1 (winner!) -Sandwich Sandwich

Pulled Tukey flat bread w/ stuffing sausage, cranberry, brie and spinach – Price £4.50

The well-deserved winner from Sandwich Sandwich, a small chain in Bristol, well known for their generous portions and reasonable prices.

Ok I know what you are thinking, spinach! But that was Catherine’s fault, they asked what salad would you like with it and she panicked! But this sandwich was one word… HUGE! It fed 4 people well. It was filling, looked good, tasted great, and for £4.50 you couldn’t go wrong for the amount that was in it! It was nearly 30cm long!

Christmas Sandwich

The verdict:

Taste – 8

Value – 9

Look – 8

How Christmassy? – 7

Total 32!


So, all we can say in conclusion is, it’s been fun, calorific, and if we can suggest anything, go for the freshly made sandwiches from the independents, as these have rated best with us!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!




Proteus Bristol