How to use culture and social media to attract talent

Businesses typically pigeonhole Social Media as Marketing, focusing ROI based on likes, shares, impressions and the overall expansion of the digital footprint. But it has another important, less directly measurable role, in attracting the best talent to your business.

I’m not talking about where you advertise your job vacancies, although this is always worth doing. I’m highlighting the role of Social Media in communicating your culture and the importance of culture in the decision making process of new recruits.

Talent adds value

Bringing in the best talent will always have a positive effect on your business, whether you are a 50 or 500 strong team. The best talent will come with experience and ideas which will add real value to your business, way beyond their employed remit.

Culture gives edge

When someone is applying for a job and they are perhaps considering a number of options, what’s going to give your position the edge? Your culture. As part of the evaluation process, candidates will look at your business for an indication of what it’s like to work for you. Will they enjoy working for you? What are the people like? Are you a business they can trust? Will you enrich their life? Do you provide security? Are you a business they can be proud to work for?

Authenticity drives decisions

There isn’t a better external channel through which your culture can be communicated. Sure you can talk about your values on your website, but candidates will be looking for authenticity. They want to know that the values which are so eloquently expressed on your website are real, not just lip service. Show that you company lives and breathes the values that you say your company possesses.

How do you do it?

Do you have a culture of celebration? Are you active in supporting local causes or charities? Do you invest in ongoing training? Are you structured in your approach to employee development? Do you have fun? Are you formal or casual? Are you pro-active, forward thinking?

All of these qualities and more can be reflected through your social media channels via stories, photos and events that support them. If you’d like to know more about integrating cultural themes into your social media strategy, then get in touch.




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