Twitter finally goes beyond 140 characters… what does it mean?

This week Twitter announced its eagerly awaited loosening of its 140 character limit, which are due to be rolled out over coming months. Essentially, the new limit means an approximate 17% increase in available characters for each tweet which will come from changes to how Twitter reads other components of the tweet. Key changes include:

  1. Media attachments and @reply usernames no longer counting towards the 140-character limit
  2. Tweets that begin with an @ sent to all of your followers, not just the designated user (no more need to add a full stop before!)
  3. Users able to retweet themselves

This social giant needs to make changes if it’s to keep up with the big names currently ahead of them in the race for social dominance, with YouTube, Instagram, and even Google+ beating Twitter in terms of active users. But beware: make sure you are using the extra characters to engage, compel and respond with useful information – anything less and you risk boring your followers and worse still a drop in followers!




Proteus Bristol