What’s wrong with DIY social media?

We see it time and again, a business undertakes its own social media activity, starting with great gusto, but then enthusiasm starts to wane and then it becomes a cycle of frenzied posting and large gaps where nothing is pushed out or posted.

The problem with this cycle is that during those gaps, your audience loses interest and once they’ve lost interest, re-engaging them can be challenging.

Successful social media takes two things:


Really focus on your audience. What are their interests? What will enhance their lives? What value can you deliver? Why are they signed up to your social channels? What do they want to hear? Is there a way of using the unique characteristics of each social channel to increase audience engagement? If you take the time to really understand the audience, you can focus on delivering engaging content. Greater engagement will increase the interactions, likes, shares and comments.


Maintaining consistency can be hard, but it’s also absolutely essential in creating social success. Take a look at any socially successful business or individual. They never falter. They are always there. Pushing out content. It may help to consider every individual who takes the time to sign up to your social channels with the same consideration as a client/customer. That person has expressed an interest in you. It would be rude to just go silent on them! Maintaining consistency across your social channels should become like second nature – something which is ingrained into your working life.

If you’d like to know more about creating social success, then please get in touch. We can advise on strategy, content generation and implementation. We are always happy to talk through the options and possibilities.




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