National Friendly

The challenge

With a history dating back to 1868, National Friendly are a mutual society, who provide savings, healthcare and life cover to their 50,000+ membership. They wanted to partner with a local agency who understood the unique circumstances of a mutual society and how to market their financial products to both their existing and prospective new members.


Existing member communications

AGMs are a mandatory requirement for mutual societies and we worked closely with the marketing team at National Friendly to develop their AGM materials including the full Report & Accounts, available in print and as a downloadable PDF, a summarised financial statement and voting papers for the new board members. The design of the materials need to take into consideration the older demographic of the membership but also to help National Friendly drive up engagement in AGM and products offered through the mutual society.


The focus for the future

We continue to work in partnership with National Friendly to help them communicate effectively with their members, through developing a deeper understanding of their customer base and helping to shape their communications for new product development.