Cookie policy


Cookies are small files that are written to your machine by a website for the purpose of storing information.

Because web pages are ‘stateless’ it means that each time you visit a web page the web page thinks it’s the first time you’ve ever visited that page and knows nothing about any other pages that you’ve visited.

So cookies were devised to overcome this issue and allow websites to store useful information about the user’s actions.

Imagine visiting an online shop without the use of cookies – as soon as you go to the next page it would forget anything that you’d put in your basket. Not very useful!

The Proteus website utilises Cookies for the sole purposes of;

  • Authentication (using a session cookie).
  • Tracking your location within the site itself.
  • Remembering if you have visited our site previously.
  • Monitoring site statistics and information about visitors browsers/operating system etc.

This website does not use cookies for any advertising purposes.

Usage of cookies in this way under the EU e-Privacy Directive are exempt from consent requests.

For further information, please email with your questions.