The challenge

TasteTech asked us to help them achieve a cohesive marketing approach to better reflect their innovative business, evolve their brand and extend their reach into global markets. They wanted to partner with an agency that would take the time to get under the skin of their business and work in partnership with their sales team to achieve their ambitious growth plans.



In planning this primary channel for this niche, global business, we took a ground up, data-led approach combined with qualitative insight from all the key internal stakeholders. Prominent and intuitive enquiry and sample requests forms were top priority to gain sales leads. Phase 1 delivery consisted of a responsive, bespoke CMS, newly designed site launched at the end of 2015. The agreed success criteria is being monitored ongoing, as both traffic and quality leads continue to improve. Subsequent phases are currently in the pipeline.


Brand architecture

We worked with TasteTech to rationalise their products into key markets, which involved developing a visual extension of the brand. The key markets provide a structure for TasteTech to develop new product names and brands and is futureproofed to evolve as the ranges expand.


The creation of a new hierarchy for the core range of products


Product launches

The various markets TasteTech serve are unique. In order to reach them we developed bespoke product launch plans and campaigns to target the different audience profiles and needs. Campaigns have included press advertising, direct mail, promotional emails, landing pages, white papers and product samples, with the success of each campaign measured through a variety of metrics.