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Established in 1834, Foresters Friendly Society helps families with their finances by taking a sustainable approach to savings, investments and insurance. Against tough economic conditions, Foresters Friendly Society have been bucking the market trend with a consistent period of growth. Part of the reason for this growth is their passion for helping customers making informed decisions about their finances with an easy to understand approach. To help meet their ambitions, Foresters Friendly Society appointed Proteus to refine and refresh their brand to appeal to an even wider audience.

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Armed with this ambition, plus a growing portfolio of products and services, the first task for Proteus was to understand the Foresters Friendly Society audience. This understanding was essential to visually ensure the brand reflected this new audience demographic, whilst also still appealing to their traditional audience. Proteus worked closely with Foresters Friendly Society to create a brand style that reflected warmth, enthusiasm and diversity, taking this through the product literature and 2016 Annual Report.

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We helped Foresters Friendly Society tackle two of the biggest financial issues facing individuals in the UK, buying their first home and saving for retirement. As one of the first market entrants, it was critical that we worked quickly to establish Foresters Friendly Society as a leading provider by developing a proposition for the new Lifetime ISA scheme. From our working proposition, our team worked to develop easy to read Lifetime ISA literature and an advertising campaign to launch the product.

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